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Adult Day Services

What We Do

At our Day Program, you’ll find a warm, homelike environment. Because we build our program and its activities around what is important “TO” and what is important “FOR” each person served, we are a truly PERSON Centered Program.

We meet with the individual and his/her team to discuss the desires and needs of the individual. We then discuss with the Person Served and other members of their team how we can incorporate these aspects into the natural flow of their Day Program.

Always on the move means change. Our Director of Day Programming is constantly searching for new ways to meet the needs of every individual that comes through our doors. We often adjust our activity calendar, create positions within the facility, and turn to the community to find new ways for the people we serve to achieve their ultimate goal of living as independently as possible within their personal circumstances.

SINCE 1998

Person Centered Program

Our Day Program staff is well trained and prepared to provide for the needs of each person! Between our 4 on-staff Nurses, and trained professionals, we provide:

Healthy, Inviting and Safe Atmosphere

Personal Care

Person Served Driven Activities

Socialization with Peers

A flexible Skill Development Program

Fun and relaxed, yet safe and environment.


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    Meet Our Day Program Team

    Joshua Richards
    ADS Director