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Take the headache out of certification and renewals!

Beginning May 2018, Louisa Ridge is now offering DODD Medication Certification Classes!

Classes include newly updated guidelines.

Classes 1, 2, & 3 stand-alone certifications and renewals taught in Summit County.

Minimum 2 People for all Med Certification 1 Classes.  Thank You!

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*MA 2 (feeding tube)/MA 3 (insulin) by appointment only. 3 person

Louisa Ridge Agency Guidelines

Certificate Class Schedule

Our Medication Certification Classes & Renewals

*MA 2 (feeding tube)/MA 3 (insulin) by appointment only. 3 person

Medication Certification Classes

Medication Certification Renewals

Bethany Smith

Director of Nursing Education

Hi! My name is Bethany M. Smith, R.N.  I received my nursing degree from SUNYFarmingdale in 2014.  I spent several years providing inpatient care on a complex medical-surgical unit before transitioning to my director role here at Louisa Ridge.  I currently serve as Director of Nursing Education where I teach, among other things,  DoDD curriculums on medication administration, health-related activities, gastrostomy & jejunostomy maintenance, and insulin administration.  I am very passionate about providing safe care and work with our team of directors to create policies that ensure safe medication administration and care to served individuals.  Working at Louisa Ridge enables me to train our DSPs and help them refine their skills, so they can provide safe, compassionate, and supportive care to our valued clients.  When I am not at work, I can be found volunteering in the community or reading a book.  Thank you for visiting our website!