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Current Job Descriptions

Home Coordinator:

Home Coordinator is a full-time position.  This position requires flexibility with scheduling and will provide competitive wages and continuous education.  This is a position for people who have or are interested in gaining a strong leadership experience.

Because Louisa Ridge focuses on being person-centered, one of the most important aspects of your job is to know and understand the people you will care for. Learning about their goals and aspirations will assist you in doing that.   As the Coordinator of the household team you will work closely with your team of Support Specialists to ensure that each individual’s needs are met and wants are pursued.  For the individual, this will mean ensuring personal, medical, and household needs are met.  Some tasks will require your direct attention, while others will take coordination with your team of Support Specialists.

As the Home Coordinator, you will gain authoritative knowledge of Federal, State, local, and internal rules, policies and procedures governing our duties.  With this knowledge you will help ensure the entire team is acting in the best interest of persons served through meetings, trainings, and discipline if needed.

You will act as a primary point of contact for your home for managing staffing schedules, fun events, and emergencies.  Additionally, you will be working closely with all members of each person served team. This may include case managers, parents, guardians or natural supports. There are some on-call aspects to this position.

Support Specialist

Support Specialists are the heart and soul of Louisa Ridge!  Support Specialists provide the day-to-day routine supports the people we serve need to maintain a happy, healthy life.  In addition to guidance and assistance with daily living tasks, Support Specialists also provide the guidance needed to help grow and develop independence and self-determination. Support specialists work hard to assist each person served to access their community and develop new relationships outside of their staff. Support Specialists also communicate with the Home Coordinator, Team Lead and peers regarding any changing needs, successes, or incidents that may occur.  Support Specialists will attend any trainings as requested to remain educated on pertinent federal, state, local, and company rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

In addition to the personal reward of working to empower the lives of others, this job is a great position for strengthening leadership and communication skills that can personally benefit you here, or in nearly any other field.

A variety of positions are available – full time, part time, as needed (PRN) early morning and/or weekends only just to name a few.  This position offers a lot of flexibility for people who would like to share their personal interests and help promote growth in others.

The role of the support specialists offers the greatest opportunities for growth within the Louisa Ridge family.

Non-Medical Transportation Assistant

Non-Medical Transportation Assistants get us where we need to go.  As an NMT Assistant, you will provide transportation to and from routine activities along a planned route.

 NMT Assistants provide supervision and assistance as needed for anyone who require may require some extra help entering or exiting a vehicle.  For many who receive our services, our NMT Assistants are the face of Louisa Ridge in their personal life. A great attitude and easy smile will assist those we serve to get to and from their destinations in a positive attitude. And we all know a positive attitude contribute to successful days.

Non-Medical Transportation Assistant positions are available full or part time with a variable schedule based upon the route. We offer competitive wages and routine training.