Thank you!!!

Our DILIGENT staff’s tireless efforts have helped KEEP Louisa Ridge free of a COVID19 diagnosis! Thank you for following all safety procedures and ensuring our houses are clean and safe!


We have OPEN Residential Positions and offer ONLINE TRAINING and ORIENTATION.  See our CAREERS Page for more information and to apply online right now!

Feel free to read more below to see how we have MINIMIZED the exposure of our staff and persons served to COVID19!

The management team at Louisa Ridge would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU for the loyalty and dedication you have shown both the company and the persons we serve. Your hard work and willingness to go above & beyond, during this current difficult circumstance, has not gone unnoticed! 
Our first priority at this time needs to be ensuring the health & safety of the individuals we provide services for. As management, however, we are also very concerned with your health & safety and peace of mind. Please continue to follow these rules of safety at this time:
–Wash your hands often and assist the persons served with washing their hands very often
–Sanitize hard surfaces that have been touched with the sanitation supplies provided
–At your home, encourage your family to follow the above mentioned guidelines 
–Utilize the sanitation supplies provided to also care for the surfaces in your vehicles 
–Once you have used the entire Gallon of sanitation supplies provided, please contact HR
To ensure the needs of all are met, we have put plans in place for the 2 most likely situations we will find ourselves in. Again, these are the “most likely” situations. We will handle any additional situations that may arise as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
Please review each plan and be prepared to work under the specific guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Residential or Human Resources. 
Scenario A…
In the even the group home goes under voluntary self-quarantine for 14 days (we are currently under the Social Distancing rule):
Staff will work regular shifts. Staff will wear basic PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) while in the home and given specific instructions on how to use it. Staff will be asked to follow the rule currently in place to suspend “unnecessary travel” if at all possible; meaning please only travel between your home, work (the group home), and store (for necessary supplies only: grocery store, pharmacy, etc.). 
Scenario B…
In the event someone in the group home tests positive for the Coronavirus:
The group home will go under quarantine and follow guidelines from scenario A, including extensive PPE and restrict travel to only “necessary” locations (your home,group home, grocery store). The individual who has tested positive will be isolated to their room. They will receive 1-on-1 care from ONE staff member. The rest of staff will deliver food and necessary items to the individual’s bedroom door. Any items used by the individual (dishes, restroom, etc.) will be sanitized immediately, using the Steramine tablets provided. 
Regarding the staff member working with the “positive” individual:
Can volunteer to work with them and will be paid at a higher rate, due to the increased risk. 
Thank you again for your hard work and continued dedication. Let’s all continue to work together to stay healthy and provide our persons served with the BEST level of care & assistance.
Your Louisa Ridge Administrative and Management Team