Our Grandma Janice (Newton)

(Loyal Louisa Ridge Client)

It was such a blessing to spend our days helping her giving us the opportunity to give her a portion of what she gave us.

Who We Are!


For 20 years, Louisa Ridge has been committed to providing the highest quality of care for our community. We began in September 1998 when we were originally called Sunrise Adult Day Services. Throughout the years, the owner Francine Osby and her daughters Raychelle and Aricka worked hard to provide quality services to the Senior community in the form of Home Health, Residential Care, Transportation and ILA services. In the 16 years since our opening, Louisa Ridge has remained a top-notch Agency in the field, however, we have recently discovered a new-found love for providing for the Developmentally Disabled.

Grandma “Weezie”

Louise Martin–Louisa Ridge’s Namesake

Our Core


  • Services at our exciting Day Program
  • A rewarding Community Based- Volunteering Program
  • Reliable Transportation Services
  • Excellence in Residential Care and …


                                             Care from the Heart!

Louisa Ridge Mission Statement
our vision louisa ridge

Meet Our Team

Helping Your Dreams Take Flight.

Raychelle Kidd
Raychelle Kidd Executive Director
Francine Osby
Francine Osby Owner
Aricka Walker
Aricka Walker Director of Finance
Joshua Richards
Joshua Richards Project Manager
Bethany Smith
Bethany Smith Director of Nursing Education
Nia Linton
Nia Linton Compliance Assistant
Taniesha Knaff
Taniesha Knaff Residential Director
Coming Soon
Coming Soon ADS Director
David Barnes
David Barnes Transportation Director
Darryl Matthews
Darryl Matthews Transportation Assistant Director
Tori Mathis
Tori Mathis Billing
Justin Kidd
Justin Kidd Billing
Shawn Thorpe Jr.
Shawn Thorpe Jr. Maintenance
Jerome Kidd Jr
Jerome Kidd Jr. Maintenance
Michelle Linton
Michelle Linton Human Resources Director
Dominique Linton
Dominique Linton Human Resource Assistant